About BackYard Happiness

Hello! Welcome to Back Yard Happiness.

This website is here to help homeowners and renters achieve their goals of creating a more fulfilling lifestyle by making full use of their actual backyard and outdoor living spaces.

My name is Lee the creator of BackYard Happiness.

Hello, thank you for visiting my site. My name is Lee. I am a husband, father, teacher, coach, and a novice traveler. However, I am actually a homebody. I love to travel but my home is my personal paradise and my yard is my personal Eden,

I know people say a certain place “is the happiest place on Earth.” I disagree. For me, my backyard is the happiest place on Earth. I have found a number of things to enhance my personal space into a blissful place. I know there are others like me and may be looking for ideals or certain things that will transform their ordinary backyard into a backyard of happiness.

BackYard Happiness

The purpose of Backyard Happiness is to help people find the products and resources they are looking for to transform their backyards into places that are special to them and for them. Here you will find products, services, and ideals that can truly help you create a Backyard Happiness.

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