The Ideal Backyard

The Ideal Backyard


When it comes to improving your living space, the backyard seems to always be put on the back burner and yet it may be the best part of your home. It is the ideal place for you and your family to relax and entertain.

In this post, we will explore additions you can make to your backyard to make it the ideal backyard.

So, let us get to creating true backyard happiness.


The Backyard Cover, Lights, Privacy, and Bug Proofing

The ideal backyard begins with basic comfort. You need shade when the sun is shining and hot and light when it is dark.

Comfort includes not fighting off bugs while trying to relax or entertain in your outdoor living space.

Cover and Shade

Most people enjoy spending time outside when it sunny and warm.

This means there needs to be solution for keeping cool and have proper protection from the sun. A backyard covering can be accomplished in several ways.















Permanent Roofs

Permanent Roofs


Enjoying the backyard should not just be limited to the daytime. This means you need some lighting to make the backyard a place to hang out at night.

String lights

String lights


Outdoor Lamps

Outdoor Lamps


Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches




You want your backyard to be a place to let “your hair down” and relax. This means creating a place that is free of prying eyes and nosey people.

A Wall

A Wall


A Privacy Screen

A Privacy Screen




Bug Proofing

A comfortable living space even if it outdoors needs to be free of bugs and pestilence.

Treat Your Yard – there are many ways to treat your yard to limit unwanted guests. You want to treat for creepy crawlers, ants, and flying bugs especially mosquitoes and house flies.

Keep your yard clean, remove overgrown brushes and weeds, and remove standing water. Make sure all food items should be stored properly or thrown away.

Keep furniture and hard surfaces clean and treat with citrus scented solutions.

Bird House and Feeder – attract birds because they eat bugs.

Bird House and Feeder

Citronella Candles and Oil- It is a natural bug repellent.

Citronella Candles and Oil

The Backyard Furniture

Once you have made your backyard a comfortable living space. You need a place to sit and relax. You need a place to put things.

Chairs and Sofa




Floor mats and rugs


The Backyard Kitchen

Once your backyard is comfortable place to relax. It is time to consider a way to make food and still be outside.

What do you need for an adequate backyard kitchen? You need the ability to prep food, cook, keep things cool, and clean up. Let us look.

A Way to Cook Food








A way to keep things cool

Refrigerator/ Freezer


Ice Maker


Beverage and Wine Coolers




Ice Bin or Coolers

A way to prep food and clean up.

A sink and faucet

The Backyard Bar

Many of the things mentioned in this post would create a setup that would accommodate a bar area. You need a place to prepare drinks, keep things cool, and a place to relax while enjoying a few beverages.

  • Bar Center
  • Bar Furniture

Along with these items listed under the backyard kitchen section of this post.

  • Refrigerator
  • Kegerator
  • Wine Cooler
  • Beverage Cooler
  • Ice Maker
  • Ice Bin and Cooler

The Backyard Entertainment Center

Okay, so we created a backyard that is comfortable and is available for entertaining day and night. We have included a way to eat and drink. Now we need some entertainment.

You may want to watch something or listen to something. A HDTV would be a nice touch. You need a way to play music and do it in a way that you can hear the music throughout the backyard.

Outdoor HDTV

Outdoor Stereo/ Sound System/ Speakers


The Backyard Movie Theater

Well you are set up to watch streaming entertainment and you can listen to your favorite music.

But, how about watching a movie with your family or a group of friends. You need a projector, movie screen, and good sound.

You need:

  • Projector
  • Movie Screen
  • Sound

The Backyard Pool and Hot Tub

We have a great backyard in the works. It may be a good ideal to some items that will be great for the summer and the winter. A pool is a nice thing to look forward to during those very hot summer days.

A hot tub is a great relaxing solution during those cool evenings and seasons.

Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Hot Tub

Permanent Pools and Hot Tubs

The Backyard Fire Pit

Now, something everyone can get around. A fire pit produces heat and light which is perfect for cool evenings.

Sitting around a hot fire on a cool evening is just as relaxing and maybe more than a hot tub. It is cozy and it is highly recommended for any backyard setting.

Portable Fire Pits

Permanent Fire Pits

The Backyard Playhouse

We have a backyard that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining friends and family. How about something for the small kids?

The Backyard Jungle Gym

Well, we have looked at an entertainment solution for the young children, how about something for the older kids?

The Backyard Garden

Well, we have built a backyard that can accommodate all your entertainment and relaxation needs.

We have put somethings in the backyard will entertain everyone both young and old. So, now let us make part of that living space special for producing something special.

The Backyard Hammock

Well, we have thought of everything to make that backyard space a special space. It might be time to take a nap, especially if it is nice outside.

My Final Thought on Outdoor Backyard Ideals

Well, I hope this post and the lists shared will give you information you need to make that outdoor backyard space a very special place for you.

Feel free to use some or all these ideals to make that backyard a backyard that is a unique and exceptional part of your home.

Do you have some good ideals for making that backyard an ideal backyard? If so, I would love to hear your feedback.

I am interested if you know of some things that are not mentioned in this post that could make a backyard a better backyard so feel free to share.

Please feel free to leave a suggestion about improving the backyard that has or has not been highlighted in this post in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “The Ideal Backyard

  1. With the summer season is here and we have to practice a lot of social distancing, this summer I will hanging out in my back yard a lot for sure. The umbrella with the furniture set will be a nice addition in my backyard, not only for just when I have people over but for me to read a book there as well. I love tiki torches, will definitely put them around, makes me think of the Caribbean vacation lol I will need Citronella Candles and Oil for sure since the mosquito are vicious here. I think I am going to plant some lemongrass as well as it is a natural repellent also 🙂 

    Thanks for sharing the ides!

  2. Thanks for sharing such amazing article marked with brevity expression on statement I was actually doing some research online when I saw your description I believe these is actually great and helpful to us all I have already saved these page for future purpose and am surely going to recommend it to my family and friends

  3. Seeing all these nice pictures and all I could transform my backyard to I feel so ashame of myself to have let weed take over the space I would have utilized for a beautiful sight and relaxation corner for me and my family and even when my kids friends visits,  I’m certanly doing something about it this summer,  and I’m using one of these designs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I personally think that despite all these fun ideas for backyard decor, It is almost a dying feature in many modern day homes. Maybe it’s because we are based in LA and don’t see enough backyards. But this quarantine has honestly gotten more people to consider what they put in their backyard. All of these suggestions are an amazing way to spruce up the grounds!

  5. Helooo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative post on the ideal backyard.. the backyard is indeed  the ideal place for families to relax. I am so glad that I am seeing this article, the content are so beautiful. If all these out in place will indeed make the backyard a ideal place for relaxation. Nice I think I am going to adopt some of these tips and ideas. Well done.

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